I have come to Denise with the hope that she would help me lose weight through hypnotherapy.

I was far from imagining that I had so much on my chest and in my brain which was one of the key factors in my weight gain.

She helped me clear my mind and learn how to let go of things that are not in my control.

I have come to realise that I no longer eat my feelings and problems and have developed other mechanisms of coping such as compartmentalisation and self-awareness.

She also provided me with some guidance in my relationships which helped me regain my self-confidence and allowed me to trust my voice and choices.

The road to my objectives is still long but I trust that my new mind-set is the key to my success.


When I arrived to start counselling with Denise I arrived a very broken lady. I had struggled for 17 years with fertility ups and downs and over the last 7 years trying to struggle coming to the terms of infertility.
The idea of not being able to have what I always wanted had taken over the whole of my life and definitely my emotions. 
My self love was rock bottom and I was slowly turning into a person who I just didn’t want to be. I had spent so long being ‘sad’ I had no escape and it became a habit. I think it’s safe to say I didn’t even know who I was anymore. I felt I had no place as a woman in this world and I didn’t ‘fit in’. 
I have recently received news that I will have an operation that will ensure no ‘miracles’ will ever happen and this sent me into ‘panic’
My anxiety hit the highest it had ever been and I had to act so I could be ‘free’ as I owed this to myself. 
I arrived for my first session one broken lady but seriously left a very ‘free’ lady. I went in one door and left by another but this left me calm, at peace and free. 
The time Denise has spent with me has supported me to be honest with feeling ‘safe’. 
No one to judge me or to have an opinion. This subject is a very hard one there is little to none support groups and a very taboo subject. It’s either something people blog about or just don’t discuss so I found it hard to where to go. 
What I also have found helpful is the weekly challenges that has helped me come to terms with what’s happened and I can honestly say now ‘I am a woman, I have a family and I have a future that I am looking forward to.
I am also finding me!!’ 
I couldn’t recommend Denise more. She is an angel with such a caring heart and I will always be grateful but most importantly I have found a place to feel safe to be me. 
I have seen my sessions with Denise like a hair cut. I just see a difference in me but so are my family and friends.
Thank you Denise 
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Hi I Just wanted to say how the counselling and hypnotherapy sessions has been so beneficial to me .

I am so glad I met you 

Thankyou for that you have done so far

Jade 2018


I’ve always suffered with oily skin and often get break outs. Since going to Denise for microdermabrasion’s, my skin looks amazing! My pores don’t feel as clogged up, and I now go out during the day without any make up!

Thank you so so much Denise! 2018



Had a Gycolic Acid peel at mind2body really pleased with the results 




I am having  Hypnotherapy for weight loss Its Helped me feel better and more energised I have learnt to respect myself as I have found  Denise Is very calming and put me at ease and gave me realistic changes I could make .I think about what I am eating and the portions ,I recognise that half way through my meals I am full . I now feel so much better about everything .

Denise Is a lovely lady 

(Deb 2018)


From a super client

“With Denise I felt Calm
I Experienced  A Light Feeling 
Denise Helped to remind myself that I can give up this 16 year Addiction and habit .

I went away when the session was finished feeling more positive, Healthy , Fresh clearer mind , sleeping better .
Denise has helped me to stop Worrying about everything

Really Recommend

J  2018



I found Denise to be extremely caring and helpful. She listened to me and understood what I was ‘not saying’ and recognised the area where I needed help which was not what I had gone to see her with. 

She is absolutely amazing in her integrity and belief in you and that you can achieve what you want.  A very caring natural person who you take to immediately.

 A,G  (2018)


I cannot thank you enough for starting me on a positive path about myself which no-one else has ever been able to do.
  You are fantastic

2018 (Annie)


Deniseis  Approach was holistic and far more than expected .
The Hot Stones Massage was wonderful and relaxing.
I just loved the oasis she has created so spiritual and beautiful 

Thankyou   (Jo C ) 2017

"Just wanted to say Fantastic The help I have received from Mind2Body counselling.
I was unable to go out having suffered from panic attacks.
 After 4 sessions with Denise I am pleased to say things are getting better I am going out and even beginning 
to socialise slowly with friends .
The counselling I have received from Mind2Body has helped me regain my life back .
I am still receiving counselling sessions.
I would like to recommend Denise at Mind2Body " Ellie 2017

This was my first Hot Stone massage and it was extremely relaxing
The therapy room is lovely and calming my overall experience was excellent (K)  Nov 2017


At Mind2Body I have found it to be a pleasant experience and Denise is so friendly and makes me feel very relaxed
I have had various treatments and therapy at Mind2Body and the experience has been excellent (Trish) Nov 2016



I have struggled with my skin for over 20 years.

Scaring on my cheeks and really oily skin through acne in my previous years.

I have tried almost everything all types of foundation in the attempt to cover my problem skin.

My skin was so oily the foundation would slide off by the end of the day it was all cracked and shiny.

I was at the point of giving up when I came across Mind2Body who was offering dermabration and chemical peels.

I was sceptical at first.

After my first dermabration facial and chemical peel I immediately noticed an improvement in my skin.

At Mind2Body Denise made me feel really relaxed and took the time to explain everything to me.

I have now had 3 dermabration facials and 3 chemical peels and I can honestly say , my skin looks fantastic My scars have faded and I no longer have oily breakouts .

It’s unbelievable I no longer need to wear foundation to cover my skin.

I can’t express how happy I am “Mind2Body” is a really relaxed environment and Denise makes you feel totally relaxed she went through the whole procedure and took time to listen to my problems and fears.

I can’t recommend “Mind2Body” enough ….really exceptional.

I myself will continue going to “Mind2Body” to see Denise for year to come

Faye 11/2016


Hot stone (Ideal Treatment for the winter very relaxing in a very relaxed place Re booked)  Cheryl


Wonderful Massage and facial today . very relaxing . Definatley coming back ( S


Denise made me feel very welcome and relaxed.The Hot stone massage was excellent and very relaxing.A lovely homely welcome many thanks  (Carol 10/2016)


Beautiful place relaxing atmosphere

I found Denise to be very helpful and accurate of my needs during my Counselling sessions .I have seen other Counsellors In the past .I have found Denise really good she is  helping  me to understand things about my life and helping me to look forward (thankyou Denise ) 10/2016



The Place Is so lovely and relaxing Denise Is very helpful ( Had dermabration and gycolic acid peels

looking forward the the micro needling dermapen (recommend) Sue 102016



One of the most relaxing treatment I have ever had ,The Place Is like an hidden treasure

Denise explains the welbeing of the therapies  really enjoyed It “Thankyou .” 10/2016


I knew from the very first phone call I would be able to talk to Denise. She made me feel very comfortable In the Counselling sessions .”

Grats 2016

I believe Denise has a great personalty and it enhances the benefits 
of her Massage therapies" ( Sue ) 2016


” My Hypnotherapy Sessions with Denise enables me to experience true relaxation that helps rejuvenate my Mind and Body “(Sue 2016 )


I Bought a voucher for Massage and facial 
This treatment made me feel very relaxed .
I liked the way Denise explained everything throughout the treatment .
Its a wonderful Hidden place so keep your eyes open plenty of signs to direct you .
really recommend I am going back 
( KIM ) /10/2016

A Treat from my Daughter 
Really enjoyed Hot stone massage 
Also had my waxing done 
I would really recommend Re-booked
(Nikki) /10/16 

I had reason to avail of Denise's therapy services.
 I was at a low ebb i my career
and had a loss of confidence. 
Denise was very calm and patient, she listened and
offered solutions and different coping strategies.
 After several sessions of Counselling and the
knowledge and that she is available even via Skype,
 confidence has been restored and
I am better than I was before total 100% satisfaction
 Whatever your issues/concerns
Denise's gentle, compassion and empathetic approach to your situation will steer you
back onto the right track. 
Ms Brown 

Hypnotherapy has helped build my confidence and get me out of the dark places I was in.

It has helped me clear my mind of things that I did not want to remember

Denise has really helped me  .J    2016



This was from my client today ” Hypnotherapy has really helped me to undo the negativity I have put on myself . Denise has given me the tools to continue with a happier fulfilling life ” (Thankyou Denise ) L  2016


“since I have started therapy with Denise I have noticed a lot of positive changes.I am more relaxed and don’t get angry so easily ,I am Arguing less with my boyfriend ,We Talk instead of shouting and I feel so much more confident and stronger now I am feeling much happier I am not tired any more and not feeling guilty for no reason  Thankyou Denise ”

Mads 2016


I had a phobia that was causing me  lot of stress and anxiety. so I decided to speak to Denise About Hypnotherapy to see If she could help me .She was very professional and understanding. I had 5 Hypnotherapy sessions and this enabled me to confidently deal with a situation that I did not feel I could do before . I also now have a much more positive view on life and I feel a lot more Motivated. ( I would Definatley recommend Denise )            B. Smith 2016 


I have been having hypnotherapy with Denise at Casa Batch. The therapy is excellent, it is really helping me to relax, be positive and overcome my anxieties. Denise is very professional, understanding, easy to talk too. I would defiantly recommend Denise for any of her therapies and treatments 10/10 (Rita ) 2016


“As the Academic & Programs Director of Amistad Institute – Costa Rica, I had the opportunity to interact with Mrs. Denise Presland on a daily basis while she carried out her community development volunteer work with our institution.

While her peers chose to undertake luxury or funny vacations, Denise chose to work with our organization, which is involved in volunteer projects that help people and children in need in Costa Rica, among many other things.  Denise combined and applied her knowledge of the English language and her personal passion for volunteering and teaching to accomplish her goals and proceeded to exceed all project coordinators’ expectations.  Denise brought much enthusiasm to this project, paid attention to every minute project details and kept the needs of the children with which she worked on the top of her mind.

Denise was involved in every aspect of the project, she made a very reliable impression and was willing to learn and get to know something about new cultural habits, she enriched the classes by helping other students, she respected the rules in a foreign society and did her best to participate with it, she managed new challenges very well -during her time in Costa Rica.”
– Marco Bolanos, Academic & Programs Director, Amistad Institute  2015



“Denise has now been volunteering with St Mungo’s Broadway for over a month. She approaches her client-facing work conscientiously and compassionately, which makes her very approachable and easy to be around. She has facilitated our weekly resident meetings, which gives our clients an opportunity to voice their concerns about the places in which they live as well as giving feedback about the support they receive. She has had 1:1 sessions with a few of our clients experiencing mental ill health, learning disabilities and addiction, which have had very positive outcomes.

Denise is a very personable and understanding member of the team. Her enthusiasm and passion has been instrumental to the good work that she has been achieving with our clients.”
– Emily Williams, Coordinator, St Mungo’s Broadway Bristol – Complex Needs Services 2015


“Denise is currently working along side six elder care ladies with disabilities and physical needs. She is spending her time making use of her counselling skills as well as doing holistic and therapeutic approaches with the ladies, including reminiscence to which the ladies all thoroughly enjoy.

Denise is still getting to know the ladies and team, she has plenty of idea’s which in time she would like to implement.

Denise is confident and is at ease with the ladies within the home, she has a very good manner and the ladies already look forward to her coming in.”
– Ali Brice, Home Manager 2015


“Excellent knowledgeable service provided would recommend”
– Shaun 2015


“Good treatment, further treatments booked”
– Clare 2015


“Really enjoyed listening to the CD very lovely and relaxing room”
– Pamela 2015


Holistic Therapies Testimonials

“The massage was a very relaxing experience. Denise identified my issues with posture.

Very happy and will book again.”
– David 2015


“Very relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage. Pressure was just right and the progression of the massage was good”
– Clare 2015


“Really nice full body hot stone massage. Liked the hot stones between my toes and the neck massage with the hot stones.
– Jenni 2015


“Very good massage have rebooked”
– Carla 2015


“Really enjoyed the hot stones massage. Have rebooked”
– Lisa 2015


“Thank you Denise. My massage today was so relaxing. Great, just what I needed. Will book again soon.”
– Rita 2015


“The Indian Head Massage was very good. I liked the massaging of my ears, the pulling of the head and hair and massage using elbows down each side of my neck. Will be booking another one.”
– Laura 2015


“Thank you Denise for a lovely hot stone massage. It was my first experience with hot stones. I really liked the way Denise used the stones she massages with the stones but it feels like part of her hands yet you can feel the warmth. The therapy room is a lovely set up it has been a very relaxing experience and I have rebooked.”
– Marlene 2015


“Hot Stones felt great on the back of my neck”
– Verinda 2015


“I bought vouchers for my Husband and Mother-in-Law to get a massage, both enjoyed it and have booked further treatments already!”
– Anne-Marie 2015


“Lovely and relaxing, so wonderful to have some proper me time.”
– Becky 2015


“The Hot Stone Treatment was lovely, especially the hot stones between my toes”
– Tasha 2015


“I liked the warmth it was very soothing and relaxing, when the hot stones were placed on my back I instantly felt very calm and relaxed”
– Karen 2015


 I have been having hypnotherapy with Denise at Casa Batch. The therapy is excellent, it is really helping me to relax, be positive and overcome my anxieties. Denise is very professional, understanding, easy to talk too. I would defiantly recommend Denise for any of her therapies and treatments
(Rita) 2015