Hypnotherapy is a safe, powerful psychotherapeutic tool which can be used to help deal with any number of problems. At Mind2Body, as well as offering traditional therapy and counselling, massage therapy for relaxation and more, we are also able to offer this unique and powerful form of therapy. Our counsellor Denise is now a DSFH qualified hypnotherapist, and Psychotherapist  and a member the following Associations of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH) , Hypnotherapy Directory and (CNHC) Health care council for Hypnotherapists . She studied at the Clifton Practice in Bristol, the leading hypnotherapy clinic in the South West, and is now fully trained to offer a superb, professional hypnotherapy service.

If you’re local to the Bristol and Bath area, or willing to travel to visit the practice, hypnotherapy may be the solution you’re searching for. It can help with addictions, anger, blood pressure, weight control, lack of confidence, insomnia, IBS, relationship/marital difficulties, migraine, nail biting, nightmares, obsessions, panic attacks, fears, phobias, stress and many more. For many people, hypnotherapy has proved invaluable helping with issues like these and providing a helpful solution.


Will professional hypnotherapy work for me?

If you are ready to make changes and actively participate in your long term healing and recovery, hypnotherapy can be the right option. In your initial consultation with Denise, which is a free, no-obligation 30-minute session, the details can be worked out including how long your treatment will last. Depending on the issues you’d like to tackle, the number of sessions required can vary. For example:

• Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking can only require a single 90 minute session for £120
• Phobias can usually be covered in 3 sessions
• Dealing with depression and anxiety often takes 6-10 sessions

Hypnotherapy treatment can be very flexible depending on your needs, and is focused on finding solutions that work for you. Consistency is very important, and although it can sometimes take some time, a professional hypnotherapist such as Denise is able to guide you steadily towards your ultimate goal. You will be able to feel when you are making gradual progress and the eventual aim is to give you more control over your own life and a fresh new perspective.


How does the process work?

The process involves entering into a light, relaxing trance under the guidance of your professional hypnotherapist. A trance is actually a natural state that we enter automatically all the time, whenever we feel like we’re on “auto pilot” while travelling or completing tasks. The trance allows you to access the subconscious mind, which can have a profound effect on our behaviour but is beyond our control most of the time. Under hypnosis it is possible to start addressing issues that originate in the subconscious mind, and this serves as a catalyst to start changing behavioural patterns and seeing positive life changes. Denise has mastered a variety of techniques that have helped many people move on from the problems that hold them back, and this is always done in a way that helps you feel relaxed and secure. Hypnosis only works when the subject is comfortable and willing to enter the trance, so there’s no need to worry about losing control at any point.


What can a qualified hypnotherapist help me with?

Depending on the individual, dealing with different issues will take a varying amount of time and commitment, but as long as you are willing to move forward and make changes, there is no limit to the list of problems hypnotherapy can help you deal with. These include the following:

• Addiction, including smoking, alcohol, drugs and more
• Depression, anxiety, nerves, stress, anger, or panic attacks
• Weight loss, anorexia or relationships with food
• Sleep problems including insomnia and nightmares
• Confidence, including speech problems and stuttering
• Obsessions or excessive habits
• Relationship problems including sexual issues
• Fears and phobias
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Managing physical pain
• Improving memory

This list covers only some of the most common issues hypnotherapy has been shown to help many people with. Over the course of your treatment, whether it takes one session or in some cases up to 10-12 sessions, you can feel comfortable that you are in safe hands with Mind2Body Practice. For advice on how long it may take to deal with a particular problem you want to tackle, feel free to contact Denise to discuss your initial consultation.



• 30-minute, no-obligation initial introductory session – FREE
• 50 minute treatment sessions – £55 per session

*  Anti Smoking  Sessions  £130

To get in touch about starting hypnotherapy treatment, or for any more information about the benefits or the process involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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If you’re local to the Bristol and Bath area just visit us at the Mind2Body Practice!